MUMBAI: To empower Muslim youths through higher technical and scientific education, a city-based group has launched a scholarship scheme for IITians. TheAssociation of Muslim Professionals (AMP), which is engaged in mentorship and empowerment of Muslim youths, has announced scholarships for those who crack the IIT-JEE but are too poor to pursue education in IITs.

AMP decided on Wednesday that a chunk of its funds collected through zakat (savings that Muslims give to charity) will be spent on scholarship for IITians from the community. AMP has collected Rs40 lakh as zakat so far this year, up from Rs20 lakh last year.

AMP president Amir Edresy said: "We've found that many candidates from the community don't join IITs even after clearing the tough exam as they cannot afford the high fees. Several brilliant students settle for minority-run institutions. We want to arrest this trend."

AMP provides financial help to needy students who pursue higher education or seek self-employment.

Edresy's associate Saeed Khan said they want to create awareness in the community about significance of degrees from IITs. "All these years, politicians have sold the dream of ITIs to the community youth. Now the time has come to dream of IITs."



Source Times of India


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